Yvsse security

Free SSL

On all domains!

We understand the need for a SSL in 2016/2017 so we have decided to cut the profits for us, to make your hosting better. Ever domain you add gets a free ssl! After all your website should be safe. Even if you have 5000 domains on your account they will all get a free SSL!

Two Factor Authentication

From mobile and windows desktop

We have decided to start using two-factor authentication for all clients, you can enable this in your user settings by going to https://yvsse.com/billing/index.php?m=oath We have it setup to allow you to have a backup code in case you ever lose your device. We have added this to make sure we can keep our security and safety as high as we can! Don't worry all current clients have it disabled automatically but then can turn it on and off whenever they want from the OATH panel. Don't worry though! For Andriod we have a custom app in the making from CM

DDOS Protected servers

All our servers are protected!

We have DDOS protected servers to stop your websites being attacked and taken down!