Welcome Back Live Chat + New support system

Dev Team

Welcome Back Live Chat + New support system
We have a new support system and live chat!

So its just turned 2018 so what has already changed in Yvsse?
We have added a new support pin system. Instead of having to pick your own pin when signing up we now have an addon that does this! You will be able to reset your support pin and it changed every 8 hours.
Support won't be given unless you supply a support pin. (There are some exceptions though). Support what needs a pin will be (Basic account support, billing support, cpanel support, and some more) Just asking questions won't require one.

We have also added a Live Chat addon (the same one we use to use!) but with some tweaks. However please note the live chat is for emergency and that we may not reply fast over that.) The addon will auto hide if we are not online for the live chat then you will have to use Support Tickets.

That's basically it for 2018 updates so far!
Thank you,
Yvsse Hosting.